Name: Aberrant Storytellers Handbook
Game line: Aberrant
Original company: White Wolf Publishing, Inc
Genre: Science fiction, superpowers
Developer: IanWatson
Status: Open
Outline: Outline

Summary of Book Edit

This is a Storyteller's guide for the Aberrant game line. We're tackling a lot of different stuff, and smoothing over a few ruffled feathers, too.

Aberrant Storytellers Handbook: Outline

Introduction: This Is SuperfriendsChapter One: The Æon SocietyChapter Two: Quantum MechanicsChapter Three: StorytellingChapter Four: The Trinity UniverseChapter Five: Infinite EarthsChapter Six: Alternate Setting: Action!Chapter Seven: Option: Alternate Character CreationAppendix I: AnimalsAppendix II: In Our Next Issue...Index