Aberrant Storytellers Handbook/Introduction: This Is Superfriends is currently in its First Draft. Large sections may yet have to be filled in, and the developer needs to look the page over. Aside from the general suggested structure, nearly everything on this page is in flux.

This is the Superfriends--if you want it to be. Aberrant is a game of many themes and many possibilities. Despite what the Players Guide says, you can use the Aberrant game to play something akin to Superfriends, if you want to. Or, you can decide to follow their suggestions and not let this happen in your group. And, there are, of course, many points in between. Playing novas in Team Tomorrow, for example, almost cries out for you to emulate the Superfriends. It might be handled more realistically (as many things are more realistic in Aberrant), but this realism is up to your group. Independent characters, for example, might never become anything like the Superfriends, but that is okay too. It is important to know what your group is after. Discussion before play is very important.

In this Storytellers Handbook, we would like to provide ideas for storytellers of all schools. Superfriends or not, we hope to provide some material to help storytellers with the sometimes overwhelming job of keeping a chronicle going. Hopefully, there will be something here that you can make use of in your game. If not, well, the price (free) is certainly right for everyone. Here is hoping that your group enjoys Aberrant half as much as our group did!

Aberrant Storytellers Handbook: Outline

Introduction: This Is SuperfriendsChapter One: The Æon SocietyChapter Two: Quantum MechanicsChapter Three: StorytellingChapter Four: The Trinity UniverseChapter Five: Infinite EarthsChapter Six: Alternate Setting: Action!Chapter Seven: Option: Alternate Character CreationAppendix I: AnimalsAppendix II: In Our Next Issue...Index