Trinity Storytellers Handbook/Appendix III: The Story To Come is currently in its First Draft. Large sections may yet have to be filled in, and the developer needs to look the page over. Aside from the general suggested structure, nearly everything on this page is in flux.

- This is a "The Story So Far"-style chapter which details my plans for what's coming up in the Trinity timeline, as based upon my conversations with various developers and authors, as well as my own thoughts.

  • 2124
    • Mercer and friends clean house in Aeon.
  • Negotiations with Eden.
  • 2125
    • Coaliton attacks. Rebuffed by a united humanity (loyal aberrants, Eden's novas, all psions, etc.). Coalition Mother ship possibly destroyed by nuclear devices teleported inside by certain teleporters/warpers.
  • Colony defeated.
  • Quantakinetics, building their numbers in secret, return.
  • Humanity engages the Doyen.
  • First Contact with the Zepplin race (see Upeo book) leads to new discoveries.

Trinity Storytellers Handbook: Outline

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